20 Gifts for VR and AR Makers

ARVR Women’s real world gift ideas for out of this world moments. It’s said that it’s better to give than to receive although with our list of 20 tech-savvy gift ideas, everyone will want to be on the receiving end of this holiday’s gift exchange. From Tools of the Trade and Wearables that Wow to Mini Games and Gadgets, and Bibliophile, there is something awe-inspiring, pioneering and quirky for the immersive artist and developer on…

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Breakfast Fight Club

Breakfast Fight Club with VR pioneer Nathalie Mathé

Nestled in the back of Berkeley’s Au Coquelet cafe, friends and colleagues joined together for a special Breakfast Fight Club to congratulate pioneering VR Producer and Director Nathalie Mathé on her new role as Assistant Professor in Immersive Media at Drexel University in Philadelphia, and to wish her well on the big cross-country move. With 25 years experience as an artist and technology expert in films, visual effects, animation and interactive media industries, Nathalie’s technical…

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