Our Team

Iva Leon
Co-Founder ARVR Women
Co-Founder VRLab inc. 

At VRLab Iva managed and produced a retail VR storefront from 2014- 2016, selling hardware and software developed out of the Bay Area VR Community. Iva’s events catalyzing creatives such as Tilt Brush (Acquired by Google) and Looksery (acquired by Snap, Inc). Iva seeks to provide resources for the ARVR Projects developed from the creative women joining the community. She co-founded the ARVR women and Allies group to create a diverse, prepared workforce for the AR/VR industry through raising visibility, facilitating industry connections, and developing educational opportunities for marginalized communities.

Our Team: Iva Leon, Siciliana Trevino, Naomi Assaraf, Ty Musgrave and Emily Olman

Naomi Assaraf  Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Founder, Huffington Post Contributor, Keynote Speaker, Virtual Reality Developer, ARVR Women Co-Chair

Siciliana Trevino  Filmmaker, ARVR Women Co-Chair, Director, Futurists in Residence 

Siciliana is an award-winning filmmaker, AR/VR producer, and 2018-19 YBCA Fellow. She is the creator and designer of Ice Breakers, the multiplayer mobile AR game that breaks down communication barriers and encourages positive social interactions, made at the MIT Reality, Virtually Hackaton. She is the director and producer of Snow Angel’s 360 music video, “We Love” funded on Kickstarter.
She became a Co-chair of ARVR Women in 2017 and launched the group’s Futurist in Residence program.

Emily Olman CEO, Co-Founder, SpatialFirst ARVR Women Moderator

Trailblazer, community builder, entrepreneur.