Breakfast Fight Club OC6

Breakfast Fight Club @ OC6

You might think that an 8 am breakfast at OC6, Facebook’s VR developer conference, would deter people from showing up, but thanks to nreal, the AR ready-to-wear mixed reality glasses company and their promise of an all you can eat buffet for the first twenty five arrivals, people started showing up a good fifteen minutes early around 7:45 am. A first for ARVR Women’s casual morning meetup for non-morning people, inspired by Fight Club, David…

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OC6 Bytes

ARVR Women’s guide to bites, bars, cafes and karaoke around the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. For the next two days ARVR Women has our eyes and ears on Facebook to find out their latest plans for Oculus, the company’s VR ecosystem that comprises virtual reality headsets Go, Quest and Rift S, the focus of their annual developer conference now in its sixth year. This is the 4th year they’re hosting it in Downtown San…

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