Gifts for VR and AR makers 2010

20 Gifts for VR and AR Makers

ARVR Women’s real world gift ideas for out of this world moments.

It’s said that it’s better to give than to receive although with our list of 20 tech-savvy gift ideas, everyone will want to be on the receiving end of this holiday’s gift exchange. From Tools of the Trade and Wearables that Wow to Mini Games and Gadgets, and Bibliophile, there is something awe-inspiring, pioneering and quirky for the immersive artist and developer on your list.

While all the gifts included can be found online, we also encourage shopping local to support independent artists, bookstores and organizations. May your gift-giving season and celebrated traditions be warm, merry and bright.

Tools of the Trade

oculus quest arvr women

Oculus Quest

$399, 64 GB  / $499, 128 GB


We put the Quest at the top of our wish list, excited as we are about its first holiday season on the market and wondering how new audiences will respond to it. Released by Facebook’s Oculus in May, the Quest is the first all-in-one wireless VR device with 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) touch controllers, giving you the best room-scale VR experience without a PC. Pair the headset with your mobile phone using the Oculus app where you can also buy, download and remote install VR apps as well as customize your device settings like enabling developer mode. The latest Oculus Link update enables users to connect the Quest to a PC and play Rift games. Now through January 31st the Quest is bundled with all three episodes of Vader Immortal, a $29.97 value. Painting app Tilt Brush and the cube-slicing juggernaut that is Beat Saber are crowd pleasing must-haves for the Quest, available on the Oculus Store. Not to mention the variety of social VR apps where you can mix and mingle with alter egos from across the globe. Watch for Facebook’s Horizon in 2020.

Insta360 one x arvr women

Insta360 One X

$399 / $349 sale


For the 360 virtual tour or documentary filmmaker on your list, the Insta360 One X is a solid entry-level choice for a dual lens camera system that fits in your pocket. The compact camera features 5.7K/ 30fps, HDR, “FlowState” stabilization and a seamless, no-stitching integration with Adobe Premiere Pro. Android and iOS in-app wireless remote, cinematic slow motion, hyper time-lapse and editing capabilities. Pair with the invisible selfie stick ($16) or a dive case ($89) for underwater filming. Hiding spots not included.

Azure kinectDK ARVR women

Azure Kinect DK



Hint: forget the tree, hang up a stocking over the fireplace with one or two of these wrapped inside and call it a day. Microsoft’s Azure Kinect DK is the cloud-enabled next generation Kinect device that began shipping over the summer and is only available in the U.S and China. Its advanced AI depth sensor and spatial microphone array make it a peripheral of choice for volumetric video capture (compatible with tools like DepthKit) and other applications including robotics, healthcare and retail. Azure Kinect features a 12 megapixel RGB camera; 1 megapixel-depth camera, a 360 degree 7-microphone array and an orientation sensor. Special pricing for eligible students, parents, teachers and military.

Oculus Go

$199, 32G / $249, 64G


The Oculus Go remains a top best-seller this season despite industry critics bemoaning 3DOF isn’t real VR. Fears that consumers will reject VR based on the limitations of the Go take its accessibility and purpose for granted. The Go is a necessary step in the ecosystem’s evolution, with a low barrier to entry into mobile 360 interactive experiences and a development process which allows beginners to create rapid prototypes without a significant upfront investment. We expect enterprising developers will connect with these new users others are ignoring and will migrate with them to the next platform they’ll be inspired to buy because of compelling first-time experiences and fun indie games like Zombie Donuts (.99) by Virtro Entertainment.

Litho controller ar arvr women

Litho Controller and SDK



If you were at OC6 and demoed Rebecca Evans RingAR controller, you know the future of smart, wearable controllers is here. Litho is ahead of the game with their sleek wearable haptic controller that looks like a minimalists idea of a fidget spinner. Resting between your index and middle fingers, “Litho allows for intuitive and precise gestures with its touch surface on the underside, a custom haptic feedback system using a linear resonance actuator (LRA) with licensed effect library and array of motion-tracking sensors. Connect to your AR device and start interacting in the real world. It comes bundled with the Litho software developer kit that supports developing in Unity for iOS and Android, on MacOS and Windows.”

Everyday Backpack V2

$259 on sale


We’re fans of the the Everyday Backpack as seen everywhere in the halls of OC6, Oculus’s developer conference in September. The award-winning bag features instant dual side access, a compact yet roomy interior with three FlexFold adjustable dividers, plenty of side and slide pockets for cables and your passport. V2 has increased document, tablet and laptop capacity holding up to a 15″ laptop. The industry’s sleek and functional nap-sack of choice for toting Quest and other headsets into your next demo in comfort and style.

Moleskine David Bowie Limited Edition Notebook



Simply opening a Moleskine notebook can feel like an act of poetry. Their elegant design, smooth paper and sturdy binding invite our most radical and creative ideas to spill across the page with discipline or abandon depending on our mood. They make the best custom swag and are supremely thoughtful gifts. A welcome departure from the ordinary, Moleskine’s David Bowie Limited Edition Notebook is inspired by Bowie’s 1971 Moonage Daydream track from The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars album. Available in white with ruled paper, it includes themed stickers. Or, for fans of the Classic Notebook ($24.95), pick a favorite color, soft or hard cover and your paper: dotted, ruled, squared, and blank for an empty canvas calling for the next big idea.

Tie Dyed Oculus Quest Skin

Tie Dyed Oculus Quest Skin



Skins are high quality sticker decals for your Quest! They help keep multiple headsets organized. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns or customize your own ($19.99). Protect your headsets from surface scratches. Available for Oculus Go, HTC Vive Pro headsets and more. Bonus points for “Fast, easy application and goo-free removal.”

Wearables that Wow

snapchat spectacles 3 arvr women

Spectacles 3



Make first-person movies and photos with Spectacles 3, Snapchat’s updated play in augmented sunglasses, a leading product category in the race to dominate mass adoption AR. The savvy specs include two front-facing HD cameras that capture 3D photos and videos at 60fps. Bluetooth syncs to mobile for effects editing in Snapchat. Relive the media on “3D viewers” (cardboard), available for purchase along with a host of other peripherals. Choose from mineral (shown in photo) and carbon finishes. Prescription lenses available. 2D Field of View is 105°, 3D Field of View is 86°, F-stop: f 2.2. Ships in 3 days, returnable within 30.

Bose Frames 



Give the gift of music and cool shades in-one with Bose Frames, audio AR-enabled “Sunglasses with a soundtrack”. Released in January, these Android and iOS compatible Frames feature tiny speakers embedded in the temples that direct sound to you and away from the crowd. The on board IMU sensor enables gesture control with a nod or shake of your head and a double tap input on the left temple of the Frames for augmented audio experiences. The Bluetooth connection enables calls on Frames for safer “heads up, hands free” conversation, a favorite feature. Available in two styles, the classic, wayfarer-inspired Alto’s (shown in photo) and the bohemian Rondos. Works with prescription lenses. Developers can download Bose AR’s free Beta SDKs for Android, iOS and Unity to begin making immersive audio apps for Frames and Bose AR enabled headphones. On Android try Nicole Lazarro’s Unscramble the Oracle, and while we’re here, we should mention our very own War of the Worlds: Invasion, an interactive podcast and action adventure game, featuring sound design by Catie Gutierrez and art by Sasha Menscikova.

plum 2.0 sweatshirt flamingo

Plum2.0 #Femalefuel Sweatshirt



Plum2.0’s brushed-fleece “better than a blanket” #Femalefuel sweatshirt is based on Elbie, their first of five characters, a leader who motivates girls to get into engineering. Launched in 2014 Plum2.0 is the brand for Rising Female Founders, dedicated to putting them in the spotlight. They encourage every generation to reach their potential as innovators. Follow the link to check out their vibrant selection of sticker packs, notebooks and inspiring tops.

 Join me beyond Reality Cas and Chary Sweatshirt $29.99

Cas and Chary Sweatshirt



Cas and Chary are the dynamic Dutch duo who bring their passion for VR to the world on their YouTube channel with fun and informative videos about the latest VR games and experiences on a variety of platforms including Oculus, Vive and PSVR. This “unplugged” casual wearable is a cotton/poly blend and is available in four colors on Cas and Chary’s new merch store which includes signature mugs, totes and decorative pillows.

Classic Bunny Slippers $28

Classic Bunny Slippers



These classic bunny slippers with a cotton tail, bendable ears and wispy whiskers, warm your feet in the real world while you’re doing a thriller flash mob in the virtual one. A perfect pair for hopping around the metaverse in your pajamas and a cozy change of pace after a long day of battling bugs and looming deadlines. Get into match mode and set yourself up with a pair too.

Mini Games and Gadgets

nintendo switch light

Nintendo Switch Light 



Available in yellow, gray and turquoise the Nintendo Switch Light features exclusive games from franchises like Super Smash Bros.™, The Legend of Zelda™, Mario Kart™, and many more. As its name suggests, the device is smaller and lighter than the Nintendo Switch system, with a 5.5 inch LCD touch screen and 1280×720 resolution. Local wireless and online options available for connected multiplayer gaming. Doesn’t support TV or tabletop mode.

IVY mint green mini photo printer

Canon IVY mint green mini photo printer

$99 / on sale


Snap, print, peel and stick. Turn your favorite mobile pics into 2” x 3” stickers with Canon’s pocket-sized IVY mini photo printer, available in mint, rose gold and slate gray. Using the iOS or Android printer app, edit and customize with filters, emojis, text and frames before you print. Includes collage and tile options. 20-count, Zink- zero ink, tear and water resistant photo paper sold separately ($9.99). Perfect for capturing and sharing special occasions, festivals, immersive meetups and conferences.

Nanoleaf light panels / Rhythm Edition  $99

Nanoleaf light panels / Rhythm Edition 



We loved finding The Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit and recommend it for adding a colorful dimension to your favorite space or immersive demo experience. The panels transform “your favorite songs into dancing symphonies of color and light.” Razer Chroma integration available – sync up the Light Panels with Razer gear for an illuminating color-coded gaming experience. “Connect up to 30 Light Panels on one Controller. Customize colors and animations with the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App or in the Home App in iOS10+. Also controllable with the manual Controller and voice control (Siri, OK Google or Amazon Alexa).” Includes everything to get started but the trails. Far out.

MojiPower Gummy Portable Power Bank $29.95

MojiPower Gummy Portable Power Bank



Go Bears! This yummy looking gummy bear is a MojiPower portable power bank that will bestow up to 1.5x full charge for your low energy Android and iOS mobile devices, making life a little more dare we say, bearable. Do not eat!

Heated Mouse Pad $19.95

Heated Mouse Pad



We don’t know who needs this but…this Heated Mouse Pad makes us nostalgic for the quirky, made for TV products you’d see in a worn issue of Sky Mall. It’ll gift well in a pinch, good for the next White Elephant party. The recipient may end up re-gifting it in their own time of need and we’re totally okay with that. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Unless we end up keeping it for ourselves.


Young Entrepreneur’s Guide Book $29.99

Entrepreneur’s Guide Book by Ebony Peay Ramirez



We’re thrilled that Ebony Peay Ramirez’s new book, A Girl’s Guide For Entrepreneurship is out in time for the holidays. Ramirez helped many creators get their start in VR in her former role at Oculus and she continues to inspire us with her talent and dedication. Ramierez’s guide will help anyone at any age or level of experience go from an idea to launch in three months. It includes Ideation Exercises, Leadership Tips & Guide, Budget Templates, Action Items, the latest vocabulary and the latest in tech resources. Buy this guidebook in bulk!

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick



In Philip K. Dick’s 1968 dystopian vision of the future working class humans have to save at least three paychecks to be able to afford the luxury and status of owning an electric sheep, just to keep up with the neighbors – since most all natural life was extinguished by nuclear war. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is the landmark science fiction novel that inspired Blade Runner and its sequel. Naturally the film deviates from the book, which is set in San Francisco during 1992, and was changed in the film to Los Angels 2019. Also in the novel and not in the film, android bounty hunter Rick Deckard is married to a woman whose only interest is an emotion-setting device she plugs into, to restore her interest in the real world, in a time when humans act like machines and machines want to be valued as humans. Balance out the dystopia with a little more eutopia, by pairing it with Dawn of the New Everything ($30, hardcover) by Jaron Lanier, the Father of VR, who is credited with coining the term virtual reality.

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