Breakfast Fight Club OC6

Breakfast Fight Club @ OC6

You might think that an 8 am breakfast at OC6, Facebook’s VR developer conference, would deter people from showing up, but thanks to nreal, the AR ready-to-wear mixed reality glasses company and their promise of an all you can eat buffet for the first twenty five arrivals, people started showing up a good fifteen minutes early around 7:45 am. A first for ARVR Women’s casual morning meetup for non-morning people, inspired by Fight Club, David Fincher’s 1997 cult classic staring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

L to R: Max Noir, Darraugh Dandurand, Sophia Batchelor, Nikk Mitchell, Tien-Yu Lee, Siciliana Trevino, Iva Leon, and Catie Gutierrez

nreal’s support helped us bring together over 40 industry players from across the globe, many of whom attended their DimensionX art show at Anno Domini gallery, around the corner from the convention center.

The previous day, Mark Zuckerberg gave the OC6 keynote to an eager crowd, revealing that the Oculus store has over a hundred million dollars in sales, with more than 20% of it due to their $399 Quest wireless headset that was announced at last year’s conference.

He officially announced Facebook is making an AR headset, which CNBC reported a couple of weeks ago is code named Orion, and hand tracking is coming to the Quest allowing for gestural input without a game controller.

Perhaps more surprising was the announcement of Horizon, Facebook’s new social VR world, coming to the Quest and Rift platforms in 2020. You can sign up for the beta here. Their current social offerings Spaces and Oculus Rooms will “sunset” on October 25th – which means hasta la vista avatars! It’s been virtual.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our second annual breakfast at Oculus Connect. And a special thanks to the hardworking teams at Oculus. We’re grateful for their continued support in bringing ARVR Women members to Oculus Connect and making it a welcoming conference that’s truly “here for all.” We’re excited about the future of the immersive ecosystem and the now of it.


ARVR Women has two Breakfast Fight Club’s coming up, first in San Francisco at our regular spot, 111 Minna on Friday Oct. 25th,  and a special limited edition Google SF Breakfast in mid-November, stay tuned for details!

Meet our Breakfast Champions

If you couldn’t make it to the Breakfast or missed a connection, attendees who submitted their card for our soap raffle are listed below, by industry focus. If you attended and don’t see your name listed, feel free to link to your website in the comments!


NREAL aims to make mixed reality available and accessible to everyone. We strive to realize the full potential of mixed reality by empowering developers to create ground-breaking applications that can ultimately propel a new era of entertainment, productivity and more. Website / Twitter

Tien-Yu Lee, Overseas Marketing Manager / LinkedIn

FXG is an international team, with culturally diverse members from all over the world, passionately devoted to the research and development of Virtual Reality content and technologies. Website / Twitter

Nikk Mitchel, CEO / LinkedIn

Max Noir, Head of Technology / LinkedIn


Sophia Bachelor, Neuroscientist in Residence at Neurosity / Website / LinkedIn

Ehi Binitie, Partner at Nansigns / Website / LinkedIn

Adam Bruce, VR Producer & Immersive Product Designer / LinkedIn

Kristian Bouw, CEO at Notion Theory / Website / LinkedIn

Jordan Brighton, Founder, CEO, CTO, Virto Entertainment Inc. makers of Zombie Donuts / Website / LinkedIn

Micah Blumberg, WebXR Software Developer, Neurohacker, Journalist / Website / LinkedIn

Damon Hernandez, 3D Web, Immersive tech developer and designer, Product Manager at Samsung Research America / Website / LinkedIn

Madison Hight, Producer at Turn 10 Studios / Website / LinkedIn

Fabio Hofnik, Business Developer at Flipside / Website / LinkedIn

Caro Keum, Calvin Labs makers of Bot-Net / Website / LinkedIn 

Nicole Lazzaro, CEO XEODesign Inc. makers of Follow the White Rabbit Website / LinkedIn

Becca Little, Software Developer, State Farm / LinkedIn

Robin Moulder-McComb, VR Application and Game Development at 3lb Games / Website / LinkedIn

Troy Allen Norcross, Software Developer at Gamehearts / Website / LinkedIn

Jasmine Roberts, VR/AR Developer, Researcher, Lecturer, Creative Technologist at Google Creative Lab / Website / LinkedIn

Ashima Thomas, CEO at Warrior9 VR / Website / LinkedIn

Shuang Van Reizen, Creative Director of Marketing at Adromeda Entertainment / Website / LinkedIn

Cordelia Wolf, VR Developer, Designer at 3lb Games / LinkedIn


Darragh Dandurand, Creative Director Visual Media, Fashion, Immersive #XR / Website / LinkedIn

Catie Gutierrez, Owner at Storytime UX / Website / LinkedIn

Kathryn Hicks, VR Designer / Website / LinkedIn

Caitlin Krause, Immersive Story, Design, Mindfulness at Mindwise / Website / LinkedIn

Sasha Alexandra Menscikova AR/VR Designer, XR Artist / Website / LinkedIn

Tara Packard, Animation, Avatars, Experiences / Website / LinkedIn

Julian Sestanovich, Animator, Motion Graphics and 3D Generalist / Website / LinkedIn

Anastasia Victor, XR Interaction Designer, Prototyper / Website / LinkedIn


Azine Davoudzadeh, Founder, Research and Events at XRedu / Website LinkedIn

Melanie Mentzel, Outreach and Membership Coordinator at Berkeley Community Media / Website / LinkedIn


Kimberly Combs Gersony, MAMS, Creative Director at Medmovie / Website / LinkedIn

Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment at HP / LinkedIn

Louisa Spring, Founder, SAM Immersive (SAMi) / Website / LinkedIn

Mika Uehara, Director of Programs and Marketing at Fashion Incubator SF (FiSF) / Website / LinkedIn

Cezara Windrem, Innovation Catalyst, Head of VR Enterprise Innovation & Product Development at AARP / Website / LinkedIn


VRESPAWN / Website / Twitch / The Hive VR

Kier Simmons, Founder / LinkedIn

Patrick Meek, Show Producer / Twitter / LinkedIn

Liam McKill, Media Manager (The Hive) /Twitter / LinkedIn

Joseph Napoleone, Production Manager (The Hive) / Twitch / Twitter

Andrew Mayfield, Producer, Caster (VR Master League) / website Twitch / Twitter

Alex Tukey, Caster, Casting Coordinator Lead (VR Master League) / Twitch / Twitter


Amy Allison, Head of Community at Skydance Studios / Website / LinkedIn

Ben Formaker-Olivas, VRARA LA Chapter team. Contributing Writer at VRScout / Website / LinkedIn

Iva Leon, Co-Founder ARVR Women and VRLab / Website / LinkedIn

Olga Media, Producer, Social Media, TV and Video / Website / LinkedIn

Shelley Wang, ACMSIGGRAPH Student Volunteer Program Website / LinkedIn

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