Nestled in the back of Berkeley’s Au Coquelet cafe, friends and colleagues joined together for a special Breakfast Fight Club to congratulate pioneering VR Producer and Director Nathalie Mathé on her new role as Assistant Professor in Immersive Media at Drexel University in Philadelphia, and to wish her well on the big cross-country move.

With 25 years experience as an artist and technology expert in films, visual effects, animation and interactive media industries, Nathalie’s technical knowledge and creative vision have contributed to some of the most pioneering work in the field including the first Oculus DK2 demos created by Jaunt, and U-Turn, her groundbreaking VR film about sexism and harassment in the workplace.

Jaunt’s Paul McCartney VR and North Face experiences were my first demos on the DK2 which sparked my fascination with the emerging tech. Getting to know Nathalie over the last few years has been a privilege and delight. She inspires me to be persistent and maintain high standards in a volatile industry driven by change.

Nathalie is a major force in the community so it’s no wonder we had a such a high turn out for breakfast early Saturday morning. Early risers also had the additional benefit of demoing Nicole Lazzaro’s newest game, Unscramble the Oracle, an interactive augmented audio narrative built exclusively for Bose AR frames.

See who else joined us and what they bring to the table in our roundup below. Click on their name to connect with them on LinkedIn.

ARVR Women’s next Breakfast Fight Club is at OC6 on Thursday September 26th. We’re pleased to announce that nreal, the ready-to-wear mixed reality glasses company, will be our special guest presenter and sponsor. The first 20 guests to arrive will receive a complimentary buffet breakfast!

nreal features a 52-degree Field of View

Space is limited, please be flexible and allow for delays. You do not have to be registered for OC6 to attend. Bring your business cards to enter our soap raffle! We can’t wait to see you in the real world.

Breakfast Fight Clubers:

Joanne Butcher, Executive Coach at Filmmaker Success

Rebecca Evans, Content Management, Experience Design

Catie Guitierrez, Owner at Storytime UX

Kevin Kunze, Award-Winning 360° VR Filmmaker

Olga Ivanova, Product Design | Virtual Reality | Blockchain

David Lawrence, Designer, Producer, Researcher, Media Artist

Nicole Lazzaro, CEO XEODesign, Inc. XR Dev helping organizations meet business objectives emotional engagement and the 4 Keys to Fun.

Sasha Menscikova, VR, AR, XR Designer

Simone Nelson, A Creative Executive working at the intersection of entertainment arts, technology (AR/VR), education & change making

Emily Olman, CEO and Co-Founder of Spatial First

Tara Packard, 3D Character Animator & Consultant / immersive experiences

Neilda Pacquing, CEO at MindGlow (a Boost VC-backed company) | Nasdaq Milestone Maker 2019 | VR for Active Shooter Response Training

Siciliana Trevino, Writer/Producer, War of the Worlds for Bose AR, ARVR Women co-chair

Susan Weeks, Professor Visual Effects

360 photo by Kevin Kunze